Morphe X Jaclyn Hill The Vault Collection

These palettes have so much drama surrounding them! I'm not going to go into to much detail, but the initial launch of these palettes was delayed when Morphe and Jaclyn noticed inconsistencies among the palettes after the PR packages were sent out to influencers. People questioned if the palettes were ever changed or if the delay was a stunt. Jaclyns original Morphe collab was so well received I knew i wanted the Vault, I never got the original because I don't like how large the palette is. But because these are smaller I couldn't resist. I actually wanted to get this review up sooner  but I wanted to have a good play with the shades and really see how the perform. And I'm ready to share my thoughts.

Pistache Skincare

Pistache skincare is such an underrated brand! Their whole line of products is formulated with Pistachio oil. Which is a powerful natural ingredient, that's rich in vitamins and minerals. All products are formulated with natural, yet effective ingredients. Including Gylcolic acid from Sugar Cane. I've been testing a few of their products..

Revolution Skincare

Revolution Beauty or Makeup Revolution recently branched out into skincare. Which excited many of us in the beauty community. Although when I heard about the latest additions I was a little apprehensive, I mean Makeup Revolution are well known for duping everything so I kinda thought they would be duping The Ordinary. Which is already a super affordable brand. But when I saw the products, the packaging and the descriptions they didn't seem that similar. I placed an order and I'm ready to share my thoughts.

8 Of The Best Dewy Base Products

I know we're transitioning into Autumn and everyones starting to switch to more matte products but my skin has been so dry recently (I think it's the change in weather) most matte products have been a no go for me. So today I wanted to share my favourite dewy base products.

Look Fantastic Birthday Box

The September edition of Look Fantastics Beauty Box is a special one, because it turns 4 this month! This is actually my first Look Fantastic Beauty Box so I'm super excited to unbox it with you guys. So here's what's inside.

Morphe X Cult Beauty

Morphe is one of my favourite affordable brands. They offer affordable yet professional quality products. They're back stocked on Cult Beauty too, which is one of my favourite places to shop. I have a few of their newer products I've been testing and I'm ready to report back.

Feral Cosmetics Liquid Matte Lipsticks

Feral Cosmetics liquid lipsticks are one of my favourite liquid lip formulas out there. Skin Tight is my go to nude. The brand offer a range of liquid lipsticks and lipsticks that all cruelty free and vegan. You can find them at beauty chamber. Which offers a huge range of cosmetics. The brand recently added 6 new shades to line. I've been testing them and I'm ready to report back.

5 Amazing Moisturisers That Are Basically A Glass of Water For Your Face

The past couple of weeks my skin has been so dry. It's normally dry but recently it's been so bad. I blame the change in the weather. I've been on the hunt and there are some moisturisers that really help my hydration levels. I've found 5 that really work, so here they are.

High-end Beauty Discoveries

I'm back to share with you the high-end beauty discoveries I've made throughout August. Let's jump straight in.

Treating Dry Stressed Hair

If you're a regular reader here you'll know about my struggle with dry hair! Naturally it's very thick, dry and frizzy, kinda curly but more frizzy. I also bleach my hair too so it is soooo dry. Which is never a good look! I've discovered some real gems that have really helped improve the overall, look and feel of my hair. So today I wanted to share them with guys.

Best in Beauty August

August actually felt super long. It was my birthday at the beginning of the month which felt like ages ago! I'm so ready for autumn though. Today I have a few products I've been loving throughout the month.