5 Amazing Moisturisers That Are Basically A Glass of Water For Your Face

The past couple of weeks my skin has been so dry. It's normally dry but recently it's been so bad. I blame the change in the weather. I've been on the hunt and there are some moisturisers that really help my hydration levels. I've found 5 that really work, so here they are.

REN Global Protection Day Cream* | £32

This is such an under-rated moisturiser. It's so good. This is aimed at sensitive skin which I don't have but I love this none the less. It's a light weight, fast absorbing cream that really packs a punch in terms of hydration. It keeps my skin hydrated and plump all day. Ingredients wise this is brilliant. It's Mineral Oil, Parbens and Sulphate free. It contains Artic Blackberry Seed oil which is rich in omega 3 and 7 to help prevent inflammation and promote healthy skin. It also helps protect the skin from UV damage. It works really well under makeup to. Overall, this is a brilliant moisturiser.

Sanoflore 48hr Rehydrating Night Balm* | £32.50

Sanoflore is another under rated brand, they have some amazing products. Including this rehydrating moisturiser. This is designed to be used at night, which I do but also I like to use this in the morning to. It has a really light gel consistency that feels instantly cooling and refreshing on the skin. It absorbs quickly to. Leaving my skin feeling super smooth and hydrated. It uses Rose extract which is a powerful, soothing anti-oxidant. As well as Hyluronic acid which is brilliant for locking moisture into the skin.

Dr Roebucks No Worries Moisturiser* | £30

This moisturiser ticks all the boxes for me! It really helps to keep my super thirsty skin hydrated. It has a light lotion like consistency, making it perfect for day time use. It doesn't leave my skin sticky or oily, but it really keeps it hydrated. It contains Hyluronic acid, Macadamia oil and Vitamin E which are brilliant for hydrating, soothing and conditioning the skin. It's also vegan and free from any nasties. It's like good skin in a bottle.

SVR Intense Moisturising Cream* | €12.90

SVR Is French pharmacy brand that I hadn't really heard of until this landed on my desk. But it's definitely a brand to have on your radar. I'm so impressed with this cream. Now, I will say unless you have very dry skin you probably won't like this because it is very rich and takes a while to sink into the skin. But I find this really soothes and nourishes my dry skin. I like to use it at night and in the morning my skin is such more supple and plump. It's fragrance free and suitable for sensitive skin. If you have very dry skin I really recommend checking this out.

Dr Roebucks Nuddy Ultra Repair cream* | £35

Like the SVR Cream this moisturiser is one for skin that needs some extra TLC. It's a rich nourishing cream that instantly soothes dry skin. I really like this because it kind of acts as a barrier, protecting my skin and locking in moisture. But this isn't greasy or sticky on the skin. The texture is difficult to explain. But it has really helped keep my dry skin at bay! I like to use this in the evening because it is on the thick side. But it think in the winter this would be brilliant for protecting the skin from the cold air.

Have you tried any of these? What's your favourite moisturiser?

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