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I've started a new little series on here, Foundation Friday! Where each Friday I'll be reviewing a different foundation. Kicking the series off I'm going to be reviewing the new Beauty Blender Foundation.

The concept of the foundation is it's suppose to pair perfectly with the famous Beauty Blender sponge. Even right down to the packaging. Now this foundation has caused a bit of drama in the community regarding its shade range. It does come in a huge 32 shades but when images of the new launch surfaced only a few shades appeared to cater for darker skin tones. Beauty Blender said this was because of filters and the way the photos were edited. I don't have the full shade range so I can't be certain if this is the case. But from the swatches I've seen it doesn't look like the shades cater for all skin tones.

I have the shade 3.35  which is an ok match for me. The undertone is perfect, it's more Yellow than Pink. But I do find it's slightly too light so I deepen it up with my NYX Foundation adjuster to get the perfect match.

Ordering and Delivery 

The Beauty Blender foundation is easy to get hold off in the UK. It's available from all major beauty retailers.


The foundation itself retails for £32.99. Which I think is pretty reasonable for a high-end foundation. I expected this to be more considering the price point of the original Beauty Blender (£17). 

The packaging... 

Now this is the interesting part. The foundation itself has a kind of well in it, shaped perfectly to fit your Beauty Blender in. The nozzle also points downwards to pump the foundation into the well. The whole idea is so you don't have to pump your foundation onto your hand or anything. For me personally, I don't really need this kind of packaging, I normally just pump foundation straight out onto my face. Another downside of the packing is you have to clean it after using it and the foundation gets all round the nozzle and is really hard to clean. I'm not sure if I got a dud one but I actually find it really difficult to actually pump the product out to.

The Formula...

The formula on the other hand is really nice. It's really easy to blend and does blend beautifully with the Beauty Blender itself. It does have a satin to matte finish that can be made more dewy or more matte depending on your preference. It has medium coverage that can be built up to full. It gives my skin a flawless finish. I have dehydrated skin and it wears really well on me. I do find with some primers it does settle into my lines and can look a little dry but with a good hydrating one (Too Faced Hungover) I have no issues with this and I've found myself reaching for it loads.


I personally don't have a need for the packaging but I can see why people do and why people do love it. I actually really love the formula and finish - I have no complaints. I feel like had the shades been more inclusive this would be a genius foundation! 

The Beauty Blender Bounce foundation is available from Cult Beauty here

Have you tried this foundation? What are your thoughts? 

Until next time... 

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