Insta-Famous Products - Are They Worth The Hype?

Instagram is my favourite platform, especially for all things beauty. I can spend hours watching people applying their makeup and all the gorgeous flat lays. The platform has lead to a whole breed of brands that are famous and popular because of it. And even people launching their own brands because of their huge following. There are even products developed around Instagram trends.  I have loads of products that I have purely because of Instagram. Are they gimmicky though, can they be worn in real life? And do they give the amazing results shown on peoples feeds? Let's find out!


Farsali is a brand developed by Farah Dhukal and her husband. Farah has a whooping 6.3 million followers and is famous for making her own home products for skin concerns. She launched her own line of oils a few years ago and more recently a jelly highlighter, which have since been all over my Instagram feed. I think I see someone using her oils at least once a day. Starting at £20 (£50 full size) for a mini bottle these aren't cheap. I have tried 2 of the oils and the jelly highlighter:

Rose Gold Elixir |  £50 - This fancy oil contains 24ct flakes and Rose Hip oil to hydrate and brighten the skin. The Gold flakes melt into the skin, helping to eliminate the complexion, while the Rose Hip oil nourishes and soothes. It can be used as an oil, moisturiser or a primer, it can even be used as a lip balm. I do really like this oil, it is really hydrating and does make a really nice base for makeup. If you have dry skin I think you would really love it. Is it worth £50? I don't know, like I say this is nice but not life changing enough to spend £50.

Unicorn Elixir | £20 (10ml) - This one was all over Instagram, with people pretending they were crying Pink tears as they applied it. Which actually put me off buying it because I thought people were just doing it for effect but this is actually a really good product! It's an anti oxidant rich, I'm going to say oil but this isn't oily at all. It's more like a watery primer. Which is how I use it. It melts into the skin giving it an instant plumping and smoothing effect. It leaves my skin feeling so smooth with a kind of tack to it which makes makeup application so easy! Overall, I think this is 100% worth the hype!

Jelly Bean Highlighter  | £34 - the last product I have from the brand is this highlighter. Which is exactly jelly! It looks super interesting in the pot. At first I thought this would be difficult to apply but it's actually really easy to pick up on the ends of my fingers. It has a stunning sheen to it!! When applied to the skin it dries down, it doesn't stay wet looking like it does in the pot. But I don't like this, I find when it dries it kind of flakes off my skin and makes my foundation go patchy. I even tried this as a primer which did not end well -  all my foundation started flaking off! I am going to see if I can find a away to make this work but for now this is a no go for me.

Sand & Skye

Sand & Skye is another brand that dominates my Instagram feed. Using natural ingredients to detoxify and brighten the skin, it's no wonder everyone seems to be going crazy for them. But are their products worth the hype..

Brilliant Pink Clay Mask | £39 - this was the brands first launch - a detoxifying clay mask that uses that Australian Pink clay that is well known for it's purifying properties. Not only that but it also contains skin loving botanicals to invigorate and brighten the skin. Like traditional clay masks this sets down the skin and has that dry feeling that draws out impurities. This doesn't actually dry my skin out like most clay masks, but it does leave it feeling exceptionally clean! My skin does also look so much brighter when I use this. I use this as a weekly deep cleansing treatment, but if your oily you may like this more often. Overall, this is a brilliant deep cleansing mask!

Flash Perfection Exfoliating Treatment | £34.90 - This is the latest product from the brand that has been doing the rounds on Instagram. This scrub is described as a quick fix for skin. It contains gentle AHAs as well as manual particles to instantly refresh, revive and brighten the skin. It also claims to absorb excess oils and matiffy the skin, that's not a problem I have so I don't know if it actually does but I didn't find this drying which is a huge plus for me. It does instantly brighten and refresh the skin though. It removes all my dry flakey patches to. I will say though that the manual particles are quite harsh on the skin so maybe this won't be suitable for sensitive skin. I reach for this when my skin needs an instant pick me up or when my fake tan is looking a bit patchy on my face haha. I think this is a great product to have in my stash.

Anastasia Beverly Hills

Anastasia Beverly Hills is another brand with a huge Instagram following. I think their famous for their brow products but over the past few years they've launched a whole range of products from eyeshadows to foundations. I have a pretty extensive collection of ABH products so I won't go into much details (maybe I'll do a dedicated ABH post) So I'll keep to this to my ultimate recommendations.

Eyeshadows - Anastasia Beverly Hills eyeshadow formula is one of the best I've tried. Her shadows are pretty consistent across all palettes (apart from Subculture) and even the single shadows. My favourite palettes from here are Modern Renaissance (review) if you love warm tones this palette is for you! It contains a range of warm hues with a good mix of mattes and shimmers. Soft Glam (review) The name pretty much sums this palette up. It contains a range of romantic shades that are perfect for creating those softer looks. Sultry - If I'm wanting to create something more bold looking this has been my go to palette. It is prefect for creating smoky eyes. The formula of the shadows makes it so easy to blend. I didn't actually think I'd get much use out of this palette but I find myself reaching for it loads!

Brows - The brand has a huge range of brow products that are greatly loved by many. Including the famous Dipbrow Pomade. Which is kind of a gel formula. I like this I just don't love it, I'm not into the whole super bold brow, which is the effect this gives. But if you are definitely check this out.

Amrezy Highlighter | £29 - This was a limited edition but it's recently come back and I really recommend checking this out. It's my favourite highlighter ever!! It has a really unique gel powder formula that applies like a dream to the skin - it's so smooth! It has a beautiful sheen to it, that isn't chunky or glittery, it's so stunning. The shade is a gorgeous Golden Champagne colour. The balance between the Gold and Champagne is perfect. I actually think this would suit most skin tones.

Huda Beauty

I think Huda is probably the queen of Instagram with almost 30 million followers, I think it's safe to say she knows a thing or two about beauty. Luckily she channeled her knowledge into her own line of beauty products. It's no secret I really rate Huda beauty products, it's actually one of my favourite brands.

Huda Beauty Obsessions Palette | £25- I think I have almost all of the these little palettes and the formula is consistent across them all. My favourite palette out of them is the Warm Browns Obsessions. Which as the the name suggests it houses 9 warm Brown shades. All of which are matte apart from the shimmer shade. The shades all compliment each other perfectly and layer together so well to.

Dessert Dusk | £56  - I have all the large Huda palettes apart from the original Rose Gold palette which has actually been discontinued, but the Dessert Dusk is my favourite palette out of the larger ones. Most of the shadows are warmed toned, which I love although their are a few natural tones too. The mattes are so blend able, they don't take much blending at all. The shimmers are buttery soft and really pack a punch in terms of pigmentation. This is a pricy palette but I think it's well worth the investment.

Huda Beauty Foundation | £32 - This is a very love it or hate it foundation, I personally love it! It has insane full coverage, you could basically cover a murder with this foundation! The consistency of the foundation is a little thicker than most but this doesn't pose a problem when blending it. I do find this blends better with a brush, rather than a damp sponge though. The wear time of this is incredible, it stays put in place all day. The finish I'd say is satin but can easily be made more matte or dewy depending on your preference. Overall, I love this foundation and it comes in 30 shades.

Summer Fridays

I don't think this brand is necessarily Insta- famous but all the beauty gurus on Instagram seem to love it. It has a celeb following to, including Kim KW! I've tried both the masks from the brand so here are my thoughts.

Jetlag Mask | £42  - this is the first mask the brand launched, which has rave reviews from so many. It's a hydrating, glow boosting mask. That uses a cocktail of skin loving vitamins, minerals and ceramides which are derived from natural vegan friendly sources. The mask itself is quite thick and cocoons the skin. The directions say you don't have to wash this off but I do because it feels kinda heavy on the skin. But the results are great, this really does plump out all my fines! It makes me look more alive. I really rate this mask.

Overtime Mask | £39 - I haven't really heard people talking about this mask which surprised me because this is amazing! It's an AHA mask that uses Pumpkin and Apricot extract to exfoliate the skin. It actually reminds me of the Peter Thomas Roth Pumpkin Enzyme masks, they both have similar texture and scent. I like to leave this mask on for around 10 minutes and my skin instantly looks brighter, more radiant and feels so smooth. It's actually really gentle for an AHA mask to, it doesn't tingle on application or feel uncomfortable on the skin, yet the results are really dramatic!

I think that most of the brands I've mentioned here do have some hit and miss products, but that's the same with any brand. Most of the products here I do really like and think I would still love them even if they were't all over my feed.

Have you tried any of these? What are your thoughts on Insta-famous brands and products?

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