Noteworthy Newness from Phase Zero (Love Me Beauty)

Love Me Beauty* have undergone some exciting changes recently. If you're unfamiliar with Love Me Beauty it's essentially a monthly beauty subscription, where you get to pick what products you want every month. It's actually one of my favourite subscriptions and they've just made it even better. You can now buy brilliant quality makeup and factory prices alongside your subscription.

The Best Products For Dull Lacklustre Skin

I'm always chasing glowing skin. As well has having dry skin my skin is really dull and grey looking. So anything that promises to give me a glow I'm all over. Last week I touched upon how I tackle my skin, you can read about it here. But today I wanted to share my favourite products that give me a good glow and leave my skin less dull looking.

Two Foundations That Never Let Me Down

Foundations are my thing, I have a weakness for them. I own far too many foundations than I care to admit but I always seem to go back to the same Two. The Holy Grails if you will. So today I thought I'd keep it simple and just talk about them.

5 Star Face Powders

For years I never even used to set my makeup because I couldn't find a powder that worked for me. Most were too drying and most just looked cakey on my skin. I do now have many powders that I love and today I wanted to share them with you.

5 Products That have Wowed Me This Week

I've been testing lots of new products the past couple of weeks and some have completely blown me away from the first use! So I wanted to share them with you guys.