ColourPop Haul + Swatches

I told myself I didn't need to try the ColourPop Pressed Shadows over and over but I caved which led to buying more things. I thought I might as well spend $50 to get the free international shipping. So today I have another haul...

ColourPop Hi- Maintenance Pressed Eyeshadow Palette  | $18

So if you didn't know ColourPop recently launched a whole load of Pressed shadows. I've heard mixed reviews but they were cheap so I thought I'd give it a go. You can buy them in singles to make your custom palette or they have a few pre filled palettes. I went for the latter in the form of the Hi - Maintenance  palette. I like the look of the shades in it. It comes with 4 shadows in sturdy cardboard packaging. Which I don't love. The palette itself is quite bulky for just 4 shadows. But this is a lot sturdier in person than it actually looks. The shadows are:

Just In Time - Satin soft Gold. To be honest I haven't used this much. But it looks like a nice highlight shade.

High Strung - A shimmery dusky Rose Gold. This is a really nice lid colour. It's soft and very pigmented.

Get Out - a matte Cranberry colour. This makes a nice crease colour and works well paired with High Strung.

Cute Alert - A matte Burgundy colour. This makes another great crease colour or outer v shade.

Overall, I think these shadows are good for the price. I found the shade Get Out a little chalky and harder to work with. But as $5 shadows go these are pretty good.

Alexis Ren x ColourPop Topaz Pressed Powder Face Duo | $16

I have no idea who Alexis Ren is (I'm showing my age) but I feel like there was some buzz around this palette so I chucked it in my basket when I saw it was in stock. This palette contains a highlighter and bronzer in the Pressed Powder formula. This is actually a lot bigger than I was expecting. The bronzer is a matte, warm toned mid-dark Brown. It's very pigmented so a light hand is needed but it's finely milled and blends out well and lasts all day on me. Because this is so warm I don't think this would be great for contouring but for adding warmth to the face this is great! The highlighter is a really nice Gold colour. I'm loving Gold highlighters at the moment so this is right up my street. It's very soft and really pigmented. It doesn't have a hint of glitter or chunkiness, just really nice shimmers that catch the light perfectly.

ColourPop Lippie Stix | $5

Next I went for a Lippie Stix in the shade Mosh Pit from there matte Lippie Stix line. This is a warm toned mid Brown, which is actually quite bold on me but I really like it! The formula is so nice, it's very creamy and easy to apply, while still being pigmented. I'd say this has more of a satin finish than totally matte. This is incredibly long wearing for a lipstick, I found this wore as well as the Ultra Satin Lips.

ColourPop Aquarius Bundle | $15

I was in the market for some more Spring Summer appropriate lip colours. So I went for the Aquarius Bundle which has an ultra Matte lip, an Ultra Satin Lip and Ultra glossy gloss.

Aquarius - is an ultra glossy formula, it's so nice and silky on the lips. It isn't sticky or thick. The shade is a soft Pink nude colour.

Aquarius Ultra Satin - the Ultra Satin lips are my favourite formula. They aren't drying and last really well on the lips. The shade is again a pigmented soft nude. I don't think this shade would work well on those with a much darker skin tone than me though.

Aquarius 2 Ultra matte - I do find the Ultra Matte formula slightly more drying on the lips than the Ultra Satins but the formula isn't the worst liquid lipstick formula I've come across. The shade is very similar to the Aquarius but this is slightly darker and more Mauvey.

ColourPop Ultra Glossy Lip | $6

And finally I picked another gloss in the shade Lychee Me. This is a really nice nude Beige with a sheer finish. It works well as a lip topper or on its own. Like the Aquarius gloss this is so nice on the lips and not sticky at all. I can see this becoming a firm favourite!

So that's everything I brought! I did get customs charges on this order, which is frustrating but I got free shipping so it kind of balanced it out.

Have you tried any of these? What are your thoughts?

Until next time...

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The Best Powders for Dehydrated / Dry Skin

Having dehydrated skin means I really struggle with powders. Most leave my skin feeling really dry and tight, and some just look really cakey or powdery on my skin. I have been on a mission to find a powder that doesn't do this. I found quite a few on my way...

Hourglass Ambient Light Powders | £59 | POST 

Starting with my all time favourite powders. Hourglass in my opinion make the best powders. I have this trio which contains, Dim light, Incandescent light and  Radiant Light.  All work amazingly well on my dehydrated skin. The powders are formulated to give a lit from within glow. Which they really do. They set my foundation, without making it look powdery and leave my skin looking healthy and alive. I've heard some people say these aren't as good as everyone makes out but I think if you have dry or dehydrated skin then you will really benefit from these. The formula is so finely milled I can pack layers of these on and they never look cakey or dry. They are pricey but well worth it!

RCMA No Colour Powder | £10.95 | POST

This is a clear powder that has no pigment so it doesn't leave a cast or flashback on the face. I'm not quite sure if that will be the case for very dark skin tones but for me it doesn't. This isn't drying on me nor does it look cakey. It just sets my foundation and concealer perfectly. I really like it for setting my under eyes, it stops most concealers from creasing but without giving it that cracked appearance. It also slightly blurs my pores and gives my skin a smoother look. I can't recommend this enough, I know some people with oily skins love this too. It was available on BeautyBay but I don't think they are stocking it anymore. If you live in the UK you can buy it here.

NYX HD Banana Setting Powder | £8

This offering from NYX has a slight Yellow tone to it. Yellow powders are great for brightening the skin, especially on the under eye area. The shade of Yellow of this is very pale so I found I use it over my entire face. It's finely milled and I don't find it drying. It doesn't overly blur anything but helps my makeup last longer. Overall this a great, affordable powder.

ELF Beautifully Bare Finishing Powder | £7.50

I picked this up after hearing Kathleen Lights rave about it and I'm so glad I did! This is a brilliant powder. It's finely milled and applies well to my skin. It helps my makeup last longer, blurs my pores, it even has a touch of coverage. My only gripe with these is the shade range. I have the shade Light- Medium which definitely is not light! I think there are 3 shades available which isn't good. But if your in the market for a good, non drying powder than look no further.

Laura Gellar Baked and Brighten Powder | £26 | POST 

Another non drying favourite of mine is this from Laura Gellar. I actually think Laura Gellar makeup as whole is under rated in the Blogging Community. This powder especially. It's finely milled formula melts into the skin and sets makeup well. This also has brilliant blurring properties, the best of all these mentioned here. I like to apply this with a large fluffy brush in circular motions and pores disappear. This also gives me a very subtle glow.

W7 Banana Dreams Powder | £3

This a super budget loose, Yellow powder. The name is very similar to the famous Ben Nye Banana powder. I haven't tried that so I'm not sure if they are dupes. But this is a really nice powder none the less. It has quite a strong Yellow tone and adds a touch of brightening where you apply it. I only really use this under my eyes and it does a good job setting them. It's not the finest powder I've come across but for its price it is very good.

Collection Illuminating Powder | £3.99 | POST

I can't believe this isn't really talked about either. This is another really good affordable powder. It illuminates the skin so it doesn't look flat or too matte. It doesn't leave the skin overly glowy either. It does feel powdery on the skin but this doesn't translate on the face. Every time I wear this I get compliments on how nice my skin looks. This is definitely worth checking out!

I have a few more powders I'm hoping to add to my collection very soon so I expect there will be a part two at some point!

Have you tried any of these? What are your thoughts?

Until next time...

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High-end Skincare That Works

All skincare can be hit and miss. You could spend £5 on cream and £30 on cream just to find they don't work. But when I do spend £30 on a cleanser it doesn't work I'm not going to lie it breaks a little! That being said I do have a quite a few high end skincare picks that I would whole hearted recommend. I feel like I say this in every post but if you're new here I have dehydrated skin that is prone to breakouts. So let's get into it...

Fresh Soy Face Cleanser* | £31 | POST

I used to wince at the thought of spending more than £10 on cleanser but this stuff has really changed my mind! It has a light gel consistency that turns milky when mixed with water. I like to use this as a second cleanse because it's light and refreshing on the skin. It has a light Cucumber scent which I actually really like. It leaves my skin feeling so clean and fresh. Even since I started using this I've noticed a huge difference in my skin. I get less breakouts and the texture has improved overall. I think this would be good for all skin types. I can't recommend this enough!

Pixi Double Cleanse | £24 | POST

Another cleanser that is worth the price tag is this, well I would actually say this is more mid price, especially as you're getting two cleansers in one. I'm sure most of you would have heard of this by now. But the skincare genius Caroline Hirons has teamed up with Pixi to bring us a two step cleanser in one. The first cleanser is a solid oil that melts into the skin lifting every scrap of makeup. And second cleanse is a cream cleanser to clean the skin. The cream cleanser is really nice and cooling on the skin. It's fragrance free and free from any nasties. It is just a great, no fuss cleanser that gets the job done!

Pixi Glow Tonic | £18 | POST

This is a cult classic and sure many of you already use this and if you don't you probably should! It's an AHA based toner that gently exfoliates the skin, lifting away dead skin cells that block pores and prevent the skin from looking healthy. It also contains lots of other skin loving ingrediants to help plump and hydrate the skin. It's gentle enough it can be used twice a day. But I only use it once in the mornings. The difference this has made to my skin is brilliant, my fine lines look better, my skin just looks more healthy and glowing. It's called glow tonic for a reason!

Kielhs Mid Night Recovery oil | £37

Oils I have certainly found are much better from the high-end price bracket. One of which is the Kielhs Mid Night Recovery oil. This stuff is great! It's formulated with almost all natural ingrediants to plump, nourish and hydrate the skin, all while you sleep! And it really does. Every time I use this I'm instantly wowed at how much softer my face feels. It also adds radiance. It's good solid all round oil.

Clarins Blue Orchard Oil* | £32

This has been on my wishlist for the longest time so I was so happy when it landed on my door step. This oil is aimed at those with dry / combination skin. It uses a unique blend of plant extracts and essential oils to deeply nourish the skin. The oil itself is light and absorbs quickly. I'm not a massive fan of the smell, it kind of reminds me of old ladies. But that aside I love this stuff. I've been using this with the Fresh cleanser and my skin literally improved in matter of days. I'm not exaggerating. All my texture issues have gone and I think it's because of this and the cleanser. It also leaves my skin so soft and plump looking. It's become a staple in my routine that I can't be without!

Pai RoseHip oil | £22 | POST

I'm nearly out of this stuff which makes me so sad. This is an award winning oil that combines the benefits of Rosehip oil and Seed oil to nourish the skin. Rosehip is an oil that is known for its ability to help reduce scarring. I don't overly have scarring but I have little red dots left over from blemishes that will not go. And I think this is really helping. It also speeds up the time it takes for blemishes to go. Not only does it do this but it's also super hydrating and keeps my skin soft. I do find this oils a little thicker than most but I really like this, it's definitely worth looking into.

Dr Botanicals Overnight Purifying mask* | £67 (£19.99 with code LPBLOG) POST 

This is an overnight mask that is like a thick moisturiser. It has a sticky consistency but it absorbs into the skin quickly and easily. It's packed with skin loving ingredients to plump, nourish, help the skin renew itself and hydrate the skin over night. This does everything it claims, my skin is much softer and smoother when I use this. It also leaves my skin with a glow. It has a really nice scent to. Another great product!

REN Glycolatic Radiance Renewal Mask | £32

I think this mask is definitely worth the investment! It's using AHA to gently exfoliate the skin in a thick, jam like mask. The benefits of AHA include smoother skin, fine lines look reduced, skin has more of a glow and it helps improve texture. This really does all of the above. I like to leave it on for 15 minutes then remove. My skin instantly looks better! It has a definite glow about it and feels so much smoother! This is a fantastic mask, that I think would be suitable for most skin types. Although I'd use with caution if you have very sensitive skin.

Peter Thomas Roth Pumpkin Enzyme Mask* | £32  | POST 

This is another AHA mask that works in the same way as the REN one. Although this one is slightly different in texture. It has gritty particles in it that also help exfoliate the skin. I also found this a little harsher than the REN too, it tingled on my skin but this isn't uncommon for AHA. But I can't leave this on for as long. I manage around 5 minutes before the tingling is too much. The results of this are incredible. Those little Red dots I talked about earlier instantly looked better! My skin has glow and is so much smoother! I'm yet to find a cheaper mask that has the same effect!

Antipodes Aura Manuka Honey Mask | £17.75 | POST

Another one of my more pricy masks which I love is this. I reach for this when I don't have a particular skin concern I want to address because it's so hydrating and a great all rounder. It contains Manuka Honey which is a great, natural antiseptic, while being super hydrating. After using this my skin is incredibly soft and looks brighter. I think this would be great for all skin types even those with sensitive skin.

All these products here have given me amazing results but remember skincare is so subjective and because they work for me doesn't mean they will work for you. But I hope this gave you some direction as to what high-end skin care is worth the investment.

The Peter Thomas Roth mask, Clarins Blue Orchid oil and The Fresh Cleanser were kindly gifted to me from But I think it goes without saying I wouldn't recommend them if I didn't love them. have kindly given me a discount code to share with you guys which means you can get 15% of at the checkout with the code: LEANNE15

Have you tried any of these? What are thoughts?

Until next time...

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Caring for Blonde Hair with the One Wash Challenge from Pro:Voke

Anyone who has or has had blonde hair will know the struggle - You fork out a lot of money, spend hours in the salon achieving icy blonde hair and after a week it turns Yellow, with strange Orange turns and just doesn't look great! If you familiar with this, you would have probably heard of Purple shampoo. Purple shampoo is basically a toner that helps knock out the brassy tones that can develop in blonde hair. If you're also accustomed to bleach and dying your hair you'll know all too well the damage this can course (well I do anyway!). Luckily the genius's over at Pro:Voke have developed a range of shampoos, conditioners and treatments that not only tackle the colour issues us blondes face but to help treat and prevent damage. I've been putting the range to the test and I'm ready to report back to you...

Provoke Touch of Sliver Pre Toning Primer* | £5 (currently on offer for £3.75 here)

I've never come across a pre-toning treatment so I was intrigued to see how this would work. It's recommend that this be used on wet hair before the Pro:Voke brightening shampoo. It's supposed to sooth the hair cuticles and help treat and prevent damage caused by bleaching. It's in a spray bottle which is super handy to use in the shower. I spritz it on and waited a few minutes to allow it to work before applying the shampoo. It can also be used as a leave in conditioner after washing. I really like this. It leaves my hair a lot softer and shinier. I think this would be great for everyone, no matter what your hair colour.

Pro:Voke Touch of Silver Brightening Shampoo* | £3.19 (currently on offer for £2.38 here)

Now this is star of the show. This bright Purple shampoo is a miracle on those brassy tones! It basically works the same as regular shampoos but you have to apply it to all of your hair or the areas that you want to tone. I also found that for maximum results it's best to really lather the shampoo up. I found the best way to this apply it to my scalp, really lather it up and work it through all of my hair. I like to leave this on for around 5 minutes to give it time to really work. It also cleaned my hair really well and was easy to rinse out. My hair looked a lot brighter and blonder after using this. I can't recommend this enough.

Pro:Voke Touch of Silver Intensive Conditioner* | £3.18 (currently on offer for £2.38 here)

This range also includes an intense conditioner which targets the damage and restores shine. It contains restorative proteins and Keratin to help strengthen and maintain hair health. The consistency of this is very thick - which I love. It's also Purple in tone for added toning properties. It feels super nourishing and once it is rinsed out, my hair instantly felt softer! I've been using it for a couple weeks and my hair definitely looks shinier, and all round better. Another must have for blonde hair.

Pro:Voke Touch of Sliver Intensive Keratin Treatments* | £3.99 (I can't find this online to link but it should be available in Boots Stores)

These little bottles really intrigued me. They are basically a very intense treatment that you have to mix up with a bit water in a bowl to form a paste. I used a few drops of water until it was the consistency of conditioner. I left it on for around 10 minutes and rinsed it off. These provide an instant shot of hydration and left my so hair smooth and a lot more manageable. My only issue with these is the packaging. I found them really difficult to open and the tab that I think is supposed to open the product, just ripped off, leaving the product still closed. The only way I could get into it was to stab a hole in the rubber top with knife. But packaging issue aside this is a great hair treatment.

Overall, I'm really happy with this range and it definitely improved the overall tone and colour of my hair. If you have blonde, highlighted or ombre hair I can't recommend these enough.

Have you tried this range? What are your thoughts?

Until next time....

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#GetTheGlowDown With Love Me Beauty

Love Me Beauty* is a concept I have been loving for a few months now! If you're unfamiliar with the concept. Love Me Beauty is a monthly subscription that's slightly different to the others - You get to pick the samples! Which I personally much prefer. That way you don't end up with a million samples that you won't use or aren't suitable for your skin type. Plus you get a makeup bag each month rather than a box! Which is far more handy. Each month the bag is different. The concept also works on a credit system. Basically, for £10 a month you get 60 credits to spend on the samples. Although you can buy extra credits if you want more products. This month they had some really great brands and products I wanted to share with you guys...

Perricone MD Blue Plasma Cleansing Treament | 25 credits

I'm so excited to try this hybrid cleanser. It's basically a cleanser and exfoliator in one, with a no rinse formula. In somewhat of a super powered Micellar water. This is also 59ml which is a super generous sample size.

Caudalie Instant Detox Mask | 15 Credits

If you haven't already tried Caudalie I highly recommend that you do. And this months Love Me Beauty has a large selection of Caudalie goodies. One of which is the Instant Detox mask. Which promises to draw out impurities, treats damage from free radicals, and tightens pores. Sounds right up my street!

Caudalie Vine Active 3in1 Moisturiser | 15 Credits

I believe this is a new range from Caudalie. This is designed to minimise the level of pollution particles that come into contact with the skin to reduce the risk of signs ageing! It also enhances glow and smooths wrinkles!

Caudalie Vine Active Energising Soothing Eye Cream | 20 credits

This like the Moisturisers but its been formulated for use around the eyes. This also helps reduce dark circles and fine lines around the eye. I'm super excited to try this.

Caudalie Instant Foaming Cleanser | 20 credits

This is a 50ml sample, so again quite large! This is a foaming cleanser that lifts away impurities.

KoreBeauty Hydrogel Facial Mask | 10 credits

I'm so into sheet masks at the moment so I was excited to see this! This promises to provide an instant hit of moisture, boost collagen and promote elesctine. I'm sure this will be a winner.

Ellis Faas Lips x4 tubes | 10 credits

In this bag I also got 4 Ellis Faas lipsticks in 4 different shades and finish. I haven't tried these yet or heard of the brand but I'm sure they'll be great.

Omorovicza Copper Peel | 15 credits

Now this was one item I was over the moon to see. This is a two step treatment which includes the Blue Copper treatment and the Lactic Acid Activator. The first includes massaging the Copper treatment all over the face. It's a thick grainy paste that feels like a very gentle scrub on the skin. Next you add the Lactic acid activator, wait two minutes and wash. I really like this, it doesn't tingle like most AHA's do on my skin but after rinsing my skin feels so soft and smooth. There's also definitely more than one use in each tube.

Omorovicza Refining Facial Polisher | 20 credits

This another product I was excited for. This cleanser gives skin a deep clear to purfiy pores. Its also packed with skin loving ingredients to rejunivate and enhance skins glow. This is 30ml sample so you'd get a good few uses out it.

Omorovicza Moore Cream Cleanser | 20 credits

I've been eyeing up this cleanser as well for a while so you could imagine my delight when I saw it in this months edit. This is a deep cleaning, yet gentle cleanser that aims to minimise environmental stress to the skin. It's packed with natural clays to get rid of impurities and essential oils to nourish the skin. I haven't tried this yet but from the description I'm going to love it.

UltraSun Glimmer SPF 25 | 15 Credits

With spring and summer finally upon us, it's time to start thinking about SPF again. This one not only protects the skin from harmful UVA and UVB rays it gives skin a glistening glow. And regular readers will know how much I love a glow! This will be the perfect travel buddy.

Other brands included in the Months Edit include Eco Tools and Laura Mercer.

Overall, I think this bag is great value for money and the brands each month are incredible! I'm excited to see what will be in next month edits.

Love Me Beauty* is available here. If you fancy giving Love Me Beauty a try you get 20% off your first order with the code: Lpbeautyblog20

Have you tried Love me Beauty? What are your thoughts on Subscription boxes?

Until next time...

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