Best In Beauty | May

How is it nearly June? I know everybody says it but, this year is going so quick. Too quick even. And this month I kind of struggled with favourites. Not much has changed in terms of things of that I actually love. I've tried a few new things this month but nothing thats has really stood out to me. But I have managed to gather a few things to share with you guys. Don't forget to check out the linked post for full reviews and swatches..

L'Oreal Nude Magiue Cushion Foundation |n | £9.99

I feel like I've spoke about this quite a bit recently (here). But I really really like this foundation. Its so easy to blend and apply, the finish is so lovely and radiant looking, without being too dewy. Its just a great all round foundation. I heard this is getting some stick because of the pretty crap shade selection, but if you can find a good match I definitely recommend checking this out.

Laura Geller Baked n Brighten Powder Foundation | £26

I normally use my Hourglass powders to set my base (Read more about that here) But throughout May this beauty has taken the top spot. This is a great little powder. It doesn't give as good a glow as the Hourglass ones but this blurs everything! Its like nothing I've tried before. I like to apply this in circlar motions with a large fluffy brush, and I'm left with a super smooth, flawless looking base.

Seventeen Skin Wow Concealer | £4.99

For concealer I've been loving this. Its one of those products that took me by surprise. I really wasn't expecting much but I was really wowed by how good this is. It's nice and lightweight, making it easy to blend and perfect for under eyes, but it really has good coverage to conceal everything. And it has Gold packaging so its a win win! See more about my favourite concealers here.

Soap & Glory Supercat Liner | £6

I'm so late to the party with this one. This is a great liquid liner. The pen applicator is perfect for creating a wing - its just the right size and the tip is really pointy making it easy to draw the perfect line and wing. Its also really Black and stays really Black all day. I hate those ones that fade to a weird Grey colour. All in all a great drugtore Liner.

Zoeva Nude Spectrum Palette | £28.50

I've been really loving this palette this month too. Whats not to love? this palette contains 15 nude inspired shades, some shimmers, mattes and satin finish. It can create any eye look, from something subtle for everyday wear to something more bold and smokey for a night time look. See my full review with swatches here. 

MAC Lipstick In shade Mehr | £15.50

This has been on wish list for the longest time and I have no idea why I haven't brought it sooner. The shade is stunning! It is described as a dirty Blue shade, which it is. Its so beautiful and looks great on the lips. I haven't felt this excited by a lipstick in a long time (sad I know haha). Its from the matte range so the staying power is great and no drying!

So thats everything I''ve been loving. I have also been loving lots of skincare but I'm giving them a thorough test. see keep your eye peeled for that post coming soon. Have you tried any of these? What are thoughts?

Until next time...

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A Pop Of Colour For Summer | For Those Who Don't 'Do' Colour

I'm normally a nude / Brown lover. And tend to stick within this colour palette. But recently I've been getting more into colour, nothing too over the top. So I though I'd share with you some of my favourite makeup to subtilely inject a bit of colour...


Zoeva Cocoa Blend Palette | £18

This palette is perfect for those who are new to colour or wanting to experiment. The majority of this palette has some really great Brown shades, while their are a few that add a pop of colour without being too over the top. Warm Notes is a shimmery Cranberry colour, that looks great all over the lid. This is a great shade for adding a bit of colour. Delicate Acidity is another great wearable colour. Its described as a Brown with Purple undertones so this is perfect for sticking within the nude colours but at the same time adding something extra.  See my full review of this here.

Zoeva Cool Spectrum Palette | £28.50                                                                    POST

Another great palette from Zoeva. This palette does contain a few bright colours, from deep Greens to bold Purples. But don't let this put you off, it also contains some really great nude shades. I like to use the nude shades in the crease and then add a brighter colour to the lid. Each of the shadows, are soft, easy to blend and are well pigmented.

Makeup Geek Shadows | £4.95 & £7.95

I've been throughly enjoying an Orange eye look. I've decided Orange is my colour, it just suites me so well. And we all know how amazing MUG shadows are - with the majority being super soft, easy to apply and well pigmented. My favourite shades are

Flame Thrower - this is a beautiful, warmed toned Orange, Coppery colour. Its a foil finish which is super pigmented and buttery soft. I love this all over the lid.

Morrocco - To blend out Flame Thrower this shade is perfect. Its a warm toned matte Red with Brown under tones. This also looks great blended through the crease with a subtle colour all over the lid, for an added bit of colour.

Poppy - This is a matte bright Red shade, that looks great blended with Brown tones to add a bit of edge to an eye look.

Magic Act  - I'm not really sure if this counts as a bold colour. But its perfect for all over the lid with bolder colours in the crease. This looks beautiful paired with Chickadee through the crease. This is another foil finish, that really packs a punch in terms of pigment.

Chickadee - is a warm matte Yellow-y Orange shade. I also enjoy wearing this alone in the crease with Magic Act all over the lid for a super easy but put together eye look. This is also great for blending out Oranges. 

Glass Slipper - I have a thing for Blue eye shadow. I'm determined to some how make this shade work. Its just the most beautiful shimmery colour!

See this post for my full collection with swatches here. 


Miliani Baked Blush in the shade Lumionso | £7.49                                                       POST 

Cheeks are probably somewhere I tend to avoid colour. I feel like that could go horribly wrong. But I tend to go for Brown toned blushes. So its time to dig out luminioso! This is a stunning Peachy shade with shimmers running through it. I don't know what Millani do to there baked blushes but they look absolutely stunning on the cheeks! This shade in particular really perks up the complexion and makes me look alive. 

L'Oreal Sculpt Blush Trio | £7.49                                                                                  POST

Pink is another great way of injecting a colour into the cheeks without being over the top. The blush in the shade Lovely Pink. Its a baby Pink colour thats looks so nice blended out. This blush contains 3 shades that can be used seperatly to create a sculpted look or all together for a subtle wash of colour. I personally just like to use them all together. 


Lips is another great way to gain added colour. Regular readers will know how much I love a nude and Brown lip. But I've been really getting into Pink tones. So i have a few Pink lip colours that aren't over the top, but still colourful at the same time. 

Revlon Ultra HD Matte Lip Color | £8.99                                                                 POST 

I'm not quite sure why these are called matte. They're definitely not matte. But I really like the shade Devotion regardless. Its a beautiful mid toned Pink. The formula is great too - it's kind of mousse-y and so comfortable on the lips. 

Soap & Glory Sexy Mother Pucker Lipstick | £9                                                    POST 

These new Soap and Glory lipsticks are my new current obsession - i love them! The shade Pommie is from the Pink range. Its matte too, but the shade suits me so well. I normally struggle with Pink shades so I'm very happy with this. The formula is great too, non drying and long wearing. If you're looking for a subtle Pink colour I can't recommend this enough. 

Charlotte Tilbury K.I.S.S.I.N.G Lipstick | £23

This so far has been my go to spring shade. Its a muted Coral colour, That I've heard some people say is nude. But this isn't that nude on me, the Coral colour really shows off my skin tone. So its the perfect shade thats almost a nude but not quite. Perfect for those who are shy of colour! 

Soap & Glory Sexy Mother Pucker Matte Lip | £3.50

Soap and Glory are on fire with their lip products at the moment. And these matte lip crayons are great. They're really affordable to. The shade Choco Berry is very similar to Pommie Girl, only this is slightly more matte on the lips, but still very comfortable.


Do nails even really count when it comes to experimenting with colour? I'm not sure. But I thought I'd throw a couple in because they are such pretty shades...

Essie Mint Candy Apple | £7.99

My all time favourite colour! Its a stunning Mint Green, that looks beautiful on the nails. And Essie polishes are the best for longevity and shine. See this post for swatches

Barry M Coconut Fusion Nail Paint | £4.99                                                                       POST 

When it comes to more afforable polishes, Barry M is the brand I reach for. I recently picked up a couple of shades from the Coconut Fusion line. This shade Laguna is a beautiful bold Blue. I'm not quite sure if the Coconut is actually doing anything for my nails, but it lasts well and has a glossy finish.

Have you tried any of these? What are your favourite products for adding a bit of colour? 

Until next time... 

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Even More Glow..

Its no secret, I love glowy, dewy skin. And with a good 90% of my makeup collection being products tailored to give that dewy finish I thought I'd do another round up of amazing products that will leave you fresh faced!

MAC Strobe Cream | £24.50

This a cult classic and loved by many, for good reason. This is a moisturiser with iridescent particals that reflect the light. So, not only does this give a luminous finish, it also has added skin care benefits to nourish the skin at the same time. This isn't enough to use as a moisturiser alone on my dehydrated skin, but works fantastically as primer. It really smooths the skin, and leaves a subtle glow. Read more about it and some dupes here.

MAC Mineralize Moisture SPF15 Foundation | £29

Probably one of the dewy-ist foundations I own. No lie, this gives an almost wet look to the skin. The coverage is light to medium but easily buildable. It lasts all day on me, which is brilliant because Its so glow-y. Oily skins should probably avoid this though. Its so glow-y I like to set it with powder. Because there is a very fine line between glow-y and sweaty.

Laura Geller Balance n Brighten Baked colour Correcting Foundation | £26

To set the foundation down, this is what I reach for. Its a great setting / finish powder without being overly matte. This powder has brilliant blurring properties, it blurs pores, fine lines and leaves skin looking flawlessly radiant. See Illuminating powders for all budgets for more info.

The Balm Mary Lou-manizer Highlighting Powder | £17.50

I never heard anyone say they don't this highlighter. At £17 it sits in the middle of the price scale but easily rivials some much more expensive ones. The formula is so soft and smooth it applies and blends so effortlessly. And the champagned, toned glow it leaves behind is not for the faint hearted! But some how it doesn't look over top.

Milani Baked Blush | £7.49                                                                                         POST

A glow-y blush is staple for me. I just love the finish they give. And Milani Baked Blushes are second to none when it comes to glow giving blushes. Granted this shade Carolina does look scary in the pan. But it blends out to a really lovely, natural flushed colour. This actually suits my skin tone really well. And is perfect for completing any glow-y look!

So there are some more brilliant Glow enchancing products. Have you tried any of these? What glow-y makeup should I try next?

Until next time...

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The Sunday Edit

As i said in this post here. Sundays tend to be the day i experiment with makeup and try out new product - A kind of first impression. So I'm back to share another one with you guys...

Becca Backlight Primer Filter | £32

This isn't a new product or one of not used before. Regular readers will know how much i love this stuff. But i haven't used it in a while so i thought i get it back out. When I applied this it was an instant WOW moment! This is just the best primer every. It gives skin such a lumions, radiant glow, without any glitter. It smooths the skin too! See this post for more info.

L'Oreal Nude Maquige Cushion Foundation | £9.99

I have recently spoke about this here. I want to try it with different primers to see how it gets on. And i'm so impressed. This along with the becca primer skin leaves me with a glow like no other. The foundation itself its so light and easy to blend. The little pot and cushion make it really convient to use. I like to just dap my brush and blend into the skin.

Maybelline Eraser Eye | £7.99

I keep saying this everywhere and everyone saying how good. I have tried this a few years ago, but i wan't overly impressed so i thought I'd give it another go. I've heard people say they're not a fan of the spomnge applicator, but this doesn't bother me. The concealer its is nice and light - ideal for the eye area. It has ok coverage, not the best coverage concealer I've ever used. I picked up the shade 02 which a couple shades light the my concealer which is perfect for highlighting. But thoughout the day it oxidized on me and left me with orange under eyes. So I'm not impressed with this.

Boujois Sun Illusion Primer | £7.95

This is supposed to be a primer. But to be honest the texture is really thick and mousse like. It kind of reminds me of Maybelline Matte mousse. So I didn't think it was the best idea to use this as a primer on my dehydrated skin. But I thought it might make a good contour product. Which it did. I was happy with the result! Once it was blended it dried down to a powder finish and left me with a nice subtle contour. I applied a few dots under my Cheek bones and then blended it out with a stippling brush. Only use a tiny amount though or this could go horribly wrong.

Bourjois Sun Illusion Bronzer | £7.99

I'm thoroughly enjoying a bronzy, glowy look. So to add a sunkissed look to the skin I reached for this. To be honest I'm not very happy with it. The shade is good, its a nice bronzy shade that leans slightly warm. But it just wouldn't apply smoothly, It went all patchy and just kind of made me look dirty. Maybe it was the brush or something, who knows, but I wasn't happy with the finished look.

Milani Rose Powder Blush | £8.99                                                                               POST

Another forgetten about favourite. Not only is the blush design stunning, it actually performs really well. The formula is soft, applies smoothy and its easy to blend. The shade Romantic Rose is a beautiful Mauve-y, rose colour.

Makeup Geek Shawdow Pans | £4.95

I'm all about Makeup Geek shadows at the moment. I just can't get enough of them. See this post for Swatches and more info. I went for the shade Creme Brulee in the crease, this is my ideal crease shade and I don't think I can now create a look without it! It's the most perfect, warmed toned, mid Brown colour, that effortlessly adds depths and dimension to any eye look. I went for Glamorous all over the lid. This shade is a Golden Copper colour with hints of Brown and a soft shimmer finish. This is another beautiful all over the lid colour, and lower lash line. Like the others this is well pigmented, blends easily and lasts all day. 

I've had this for a while so I thought it was time to dig it out and show it some love. Its a lovely neutral mid to dark Brown colour. That works well in the Outer V and lower lash with the Makeup Geek shades above. The formula is soft and easy to work and the pigmentation is good. 

Maybelline Lash sensational Mascara | £7.99

For mascara i reach for this without fail. Its one the best mascaras the drugstore has to offer. It gives amazing length, volume, doesn't flake and holds the curl all day. If you haven't already tried this, you need too! 

I love a Brown / nude lip (just see this post here and here) and I love the NYX butter glosses but I wanted something a bit more pigmented than gloss. So I picked one of NYXs Intense Butter glosses in the shade Chocolate Crepe. Which is a stunning, Brown colour with slight warm undertones. Its really pigmented like a liquid lipstick but doesn't dry them. So I get the best of both worlds - a great pigmentation but the low maintenance of a glow. Plus this smell is good enough to eat! I definitely want more shades of these! 

So thats my little play around with makeup! Have you tried any of these? What are thoughts? 

Until next time... 

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Bed Time Beauty

I love skincare and there is nothing I love more than convenient skincare. And whats more convenient than skincare that you can slap on before you go to sleep and wake up with beautiful skin?! I have a few bottles that really help my skin look a lot better overnight...

Origins Drink it Up Intensive  Overnight  | Full size £23                                                         POST

This is a new addition to my night time skincare and one that I'm loving! Its a thick, moisturing mask that works while you sleep to increase hydration. With ingredients like Avocado and Japanese Seaweed this really packs a punch in terms of hydration. In the morning my skin is instantly more hydrated, smoother and plump.

PIXI Nourishing Sleep Mask | £18                                                                                   POST 

This is another overnight mask that promised to add hydration like the Origins one. Although, I think I prefer this one. PIXI promises to lock in moisture to prevent dryness and help dehydrating effects from the environment. Its enriched with hyaluronic acid to hydrate, Jojoba oil to moisturise and heal, alongside many other oils to soothen, strengthen, brighten and deeply nourish! I use this twice a week and the results are instant! In the morning my skin is silky smooth, very nourished, as well noticeably plumper. 

Kielhs Midnight recovery Oil | £37

I've been raving about this recently so see this post here. But I'm really enjoying this! Its a silky smooth oil that really does leave my skin feeling nourished and plumped. I apply a few drops after my moisturiser (I'm currently using La Roche Posay Toloriane, see this post) and every morning i'm impressed with the results. 

The Body Shop Vitamin E serum In oil | £15                                                                              POST

For a cheaper alternative to Kielhs oil, this one is great! it has the power of a serum and an oil in one (I do love a multi tasking product!). It claims to make skin look like its had 8 hours sleep, recharge skin, hydrate and brighten all in a non greasy, lightweight formula! This does everything it promises! I absolutely love it!

REN Wake up Wonderful Overnight Facial | £32

This is an AHA cream (see more about AHAs here), that when applied overnight promises to brighten and refine the skin. It can be used alone or along side moisturiser and serum. I've been using this on and off for a while now. And while I do see results  - my skin is smoother and brighter - I think when AHAs are used with other AHA products are too much for skin because they break me out. So I think if your skin responds well to AHAs you will really like this! 

NUXE Rev de miel | £9

The best lip balm ever! I've not found anything that hydrates my lips like this. It's a really thick, heavy balm, so probably not best for daytime use. But used at night - wow! The results are brilliant. I use it everynight and dry chapped, flakey lips are no longer an issue for me! 

Have you tried any these? What are your favourite overnight products? 

Until next time... 

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