Makeup Lately

It's time to share the makeup I've been reaching for lately. I test loads of products so when I reach for a product a lot it means I really like it. Make sure you check out my full review links for more details. So let's get into it.

Love Me Beauty | September

Love Me Beauty* is my favourite subscription that allows you to pick your products each month. I've spoken in depth about the concept loads of times, so see this post for more details. But it's my favourite subscription service and this month they have an exciting product list...

Green Skincare

Organic and natural skincare is taking the beauty world by storm at the moment. More and more natural brands are creeping onto market. I think as consumers we're beginning to look a lot deeper at what goes into our skincare, what works, and what doesn't. We're starting to become more concerned with the effects of chemicals and harmful ingredients that may be in our skincare. And I think this definitely reflects in what is sold in beauty aisles. I've been testing quite a few organic and more natural skincare products to see if the results are comparable to their not so green counter parts.

Supplements Tried & Tested

I think it's common sense that beauty products can only do so much externally and if you really want to combat a skin or hair concern the best way to do it is from the inside. And the beauty industry has cottoned on and supplements are now a big thing. When I first heard of some supplements I thought well aren't they same as vitamins? But they're not. Beauty supplements are tailored to meet your skin / hair needs. I've been testing a range of beauty supplements and I'm ready to report back.

A Beauty Wishlist With a Huge Discount

It's no secret I'm a beauty Junkie. I spend the majority of my spare (and sometimes not so spare money) on all things beauty related. And what's better than a beauty purchase at a discount. I actually buy the majority of my high end skincare when it's on offer or discounted.