Summer Proofng Your Base

The temperature in the UK this post week has been insane with highs of 33 degrees. Plus I'm sure a few of you will be jetting off on holiday. So it's time to dig out those bases that will withstand the high temperatures and not leave you looking half melted come lunchtime. I love a light, glow-y look all year round but these are the hardest to my last in my opinion. But I have found some real gems that work well in the warmer months.

Products for Beauty Problems nobody likes to talk about

I always see lots of posts of pretty highlighters and how to achieve a flawless base. But there are rarely posts (Well not that I've seen) of some issues that many of us suffer from. Don't worry this isn't going to turn into a episode of embarrassing bodies but I have found a few products that tackle the less talked about beauty problems...

Budget Eye Makeup Worth Checking Out

 Eye makeup is such a tricky category especially when it comes to eyeshadows. I always find cheaper formulas not as good but not wanting to invest in pricy palettes. But being a beauty and a drugstore girl at heart I've tried at lot of affordable makeup, So today I've whittled down some eye makeup that is worth checking out...

Achieving the Perfect Manicure at Home

Even if I had the money I don't think I'd get a professional manicure regularly, I love painting my nails and I find it very therapeutic! Whenever I'm stressed or feeling a bit down I paint my nails and it instantly makes me feel better. I've found a few products that keep my nails looking good and give a high gloss salon finish. So achieving the perfect manicure at home has never been so easy...

Skincare Picks For Flawless Makeup Application

Good makeup application starts with good skincare. A skincare routine for your skin type will prep and counteract any issues you have with your skin before hand. I have dehydrated skin so many of my picks are based around that but there is a few picks that I think would be suitable for most skin types.