Blogging Tips - How to stay Organised

I asked on Instagram what blog posts you guys would want to see and someone asked if I could do some blogging organisational tips. *Disclaimer* I don't think I'm overly organised but I do manage to stick to my upload schedule, which is Sunday, Tuesday, Wednesday & Fridays. Plus I'm not one to deny my readers of what they want. So here I am with some organisational tips...

1. Write Everything Down. I always try to write my post ideas down, just in case I forget. It's also handy to keep a small note pad near by because my best ideas always come at the most random time!

2. Find a Schedule That Suites You. I think this is very important, when trying to figure out a blogging schedule. There's absolutely no point in deciding to write a post on a day when you know you're going to be super busy, because your just not going to have time. Instead try dedicate some time on the weekends or a free day to write up posts and take pictures.

3. Plan Ahead. I try to plan what I'm going to post a week in advance, this allows me time to plan for photos and find time to write the post. It also means I can work around anything else I know I'm doing that week.

4. Take a Little Time. This may sound bizarre but I can't sit down and knock 5 posts in a row. I get bored and just lose focus. So instead, I normally write a post a day. I know this won't be easy for everyone but for me it works.

5. Stay Motivated. If you're not motivated to blog, you probably won't. So I think this is important. I'm really passionate about beauty so I want to share with my readers, that's how I stay motivated. If you're passionate about something motivation will come. I also think now my readers expect me to post so in a way you guys are my motivation!

6. A Daily To Do List. This is something that I've recently started but one that I've found super helpful. I write down everything that I need to relating to blogging that day. Whether it be take photos, reply to emails, reply to comments or send post links to PR. This not only helps me remember what I've got to do but there's something really satisfying seeing a whole list ticked off and completed.

7. Be Realistic. This is so important. Be realistic with what you can do and when you can do it. Like I said previously I can't bulk write posts so it would be unrealistic for me to complete this!

8. Don't Push Yourself. At the end of the day it doesn't matter if you miss a posting for a day. People understand that life happens and blogging sometimes has to take a backseat, especially if it's not a full time job.

I don't think this post was anything revolutionary in terms of organisation so I hope you enjoyed it. There are a few tips that pop up everywhere, like bulk taking photos. For me this doesn't work. I end up wanting to retake the picture because I find something wrong with it, so for me this is counter productive and takes up more time. So I think the most of important tip is do what works best for you! 

How do you stay organised?

Until next time...

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Festive Party Makeup

December quickly came around so it's time for plenty of christmas and festive themed posts! Which I absolutely love! So today I've put together some of my festive party picks. For me I think the festive season is the perfect time to rock a Bronze smokey eye and bold lip. So let's get into it...

Estee Lauder Illuminating Perfecting Primer | £24.50 | POST

Because I wanted a flawless satin finish base look, I want a primer that's going to be hydrating but not interfere with my foundation too much. So this Estee Lauder primer is perfect. It's hydrating and smooth but gives a very subtle glow to the skin; making it a perfect base for a good satin foundation.

Urban Decay All Nighter Foundation | £27 | POST

To achieve a flawless satin base this is my foundation of choice. This has incredible coverage, it covers pretty much everything. I only use one small pump to cover my whole face. It's really easy to blend and doesn't look cake-y. It photographs well too! See my full review here.

LA Girl Pro HD Concealer | £5 | POST

To hide dark circles, a corrector is essential for me regardless of the event! I love this LA Girl one in the shade Yellow. It corrects and hides my dark circles brilliantly, without creasing, cracking or looking cake-y.

NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer | £22.50 | POST

I really like a highlighter look and nothing works better for highlighting than the NARS Concealer. It does everything I want from concealers; brightens, highlights, conceals, all in a super creamy, blend-able, long lasting formula that doesn't crease! I like to apply this under my eyes and down the centre of my nose.

RCMA No Colour Powder | £10.50 | POST

Regular readers are probably bored of hearing about how much I love this. But I've never come across such a brilliant powder! This sets everything without altering the shade or tone of makeup at all. It leaves my skin looking so flawless without being cake-y. And ensures my makeup stays put all day and night. Making it the perfect powder for parties.

Makeup Geek Contour Pan | £9.25 | POST

What better season is there to rock a strong contoured look than christmas? My pick is the Makeup Geek Contour Pan in the shade Half Hearted. This powder is incredibly soft and easy to blend. It is really pigmented so a light hand is important. The shade is perfect for my skin tone, it's not too cool nor too warm - it's just perfect. And long wearing.

MAC Sweet Copper Palette | £29

This palette is from their Holiday collection so I can't think of anything more christmas appropriate. The stunning palette houses a blush and highlighter. The highlighter, Whisper of Gilt is a stunning Gold highlighter that is super pigmented and looks stunning on the cheek bones. the blush is a beautiful Brown colour, that will go with most makeup looks. The formula of this is fantastic. It really melts into the skin leaving it with such a beautiful flush of colour. I think this is sold out online but hopefully there may some still in store.

Makeup Geek Shadow Pans | £6 | POST 

Who am I trying to kid I love a Bronze smokey eye all round, but there's something about the festive season that makes it seem a bit more special. For parties and get togethers MUG shadows are what I reach for. The incredible formula and longevity make them my go to.

Creme Brulee - This is mid to light warm Brown that makes the perfect crease / transition shade!

Frappe - Is one of my all time favourite shades. It's a mid toned warm Brown. I like to use it to deepen the crease a little more.

Cocoa Bear - This is a very warm Red toned Brown. This is such a versatile shade,; it can be used in the crease, outer v, all over the lid or on the lower lash line. But I like to use it in the outer V and take it lightly through the crease.

Pocket Change - For the Bronze look I like to use this Gold Bronze colour, all over the lid. It's such a lovely shade. It's so pigmented and buttery soft!

LA Splash Ark-ki-Tech Liquid Liner | £11.25

To line my upper lash line and create the perfect wing this liner is essential. I'm so glad I brought this. The fine tip makes it so easy to create a wing and the formula glides on. It's super Black to last well too!

Maybelline Lash Sensational Mascara | £7.99

This is just he best mascara ever! It gives amazing length and volume, without any clumps. It also holds the curl all day, without smudging or flaking. No party look would be complete without it.

NYX Tame and Frame Brow Pomade | £5.50

For bullet proof, full Browns this is my BFF! The formula is super creamy and easy to work. Making it easy to achieve full, defined but natural looking Browns. This also doesn't smudge or budge. I have the shade Chocolate which is a perfect match for my hair colour.

Zoeva Matte Lipstick | £9

I've fully embraced the bold lip this season and plan on wearing one most of this month. This Zoeva option in the shade Outstanding is a rich Chocolate Brown colour. I actually really like because it's a bit different from the classic Berry lip. The formula is matte but creamy, super pigmented, long-lasting and non drying. I was actually really surprised at how little this transferred and stayed so it's perfect for parties!

That's my festive party look. What's yours?

Have you tried any of these? What are thoughts?

Until next time...

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Speedy Reviews

I've been testing a few products recently that I'm finding difficult to fit into posts. So I just thought I'd group them together and bring you some speedy reviews...

NKD SKN Gradual Glow Daily Tan Moisturiser* | £9.99 (currently on offer for £6.59 here)

I'm not really one for gradual tan, I want my tan to be dark and deep straight away - rather than waiting a week for a hint of colour. But this Tan from NKD skin has really taken me by surprise! This gives a good hint of colour after one application, after Two I'd say the colour was as good as a regular tan. The formula of this odourless moisturiser is nice and light and absorbs into the skin really quick. When the tan develops it has a lovely subtle Golden glow thats not too Orange or too Green and is streak free. It also leaves my skin silky smooth and hydrated!

NKD SKN Pre Shower Tan* | £13.99 (currently on offer for £9 here)

This is a new concept of gradual tan that you apply 10 minutes before showering and then rinse it off. It sounds like a life saver for those who can't be bothered with the tanning process. The cream itself is very thick and doesn't really sink into the skin in the time before showering off. But once I'd rinsed it off it left my skin incredibly soft and smooth. But after the first application I didn't really have any colour. It took about 3 days for a very subtle colour to appear. So I tried leaving it on for longer before showering and the colour still wasn't as dark as I like. But I think this is because I do like a really deep colour. I imagine this would be good for very pale people who just want a hint of a natural glow.

Look Good Feel Better Brushes* | £9.99 (foundation brush) £11.99 (blush brush) £6.99 (Angled Blending Brush)

I was kindly sent a couple of Look Good Feel Better Brushes. I have the multi task brush (see this post) which I love so I was excited to give the Foundation Brush, Angled Blending Brush and Blush Brush a try. I really like that these brushes have a good cause behind them too. They donate some of their profits to a charity that helps women with the physical effects of cancer, which is pretty amazing!

The Foundation Brush is what I'd call a 'traditional' flat style foundation brush. But it is a lot thicker than most brushes like this I've tried. But to be honest, I don't love this brush for blending in foundation, it just kind of moves it around without actually blending it in. That being said I do really like this for applying cream contour products; It allows me to apply contouring products precisely under my cheek bones and around my forehead, before blending it out with my Beauty Blender. It also works really well at patting in my concealer under my eyes.

The Blush Brush is a super soft, fluffy brush that applies any powder products really well! It blends blush seamlessly into the skin and picks up the perfect amount of blush. Since getting this it has been my go too Blush Brush. This washed really well, held its shape and didn't have any fall out.

The Angled Blending Brush some how managed to escape the main picture. I really like this brush, it does a good job at blending and applying eyeshadow. It also has quite a flat edge which is also great for applying eyeshadow all over the lid. Again, this washes well and held its shape.

I heart Makeup Chocolate and Peaches Palette | £7.99

I Heart Makeup has added a new palette to their Chocolate Palette range. This one looks like a good dupe of the Too Faced Peaches Palette, which I really wanted but wasn't lucky enough to get it. So when I see this had launched I ordered it straight away. All the shades in the palette seemed right up my street, with most being warm tones. It has a good mix of shimmers and mattes. The shimmers are really pigmented, smooth and easy to apply. Most of the mattes are the same with the exception of a couple that are a little sheerer than high-end shadows. But that doesn't make this a bad palette, the formula is still one of the best in the drugstore. Overall, I'm really happy with this and I've been reaching for it a lot!

I heart Makeup Light & Glow Palette and Bronze & Glow Palette | £6 each

Another couple of new launches from I Heart Makeup come in the form of these super cute palettes. I love the Chocolate design on them! The Bronze & Glow Palette houses a bronzer and highlighter. The bronzer is warm toned and matte. It's on the pale shade for bronzers so I think this would be great for pale skin tones. And a Champagne toned highlighter. Both the bronzer and highlighter are really soft, I was really surprised at how soft and finely milled they were. The highlighter has a really subtle shimmer without any glitter in it. The Light & Glow Palette (in the White and Pink packaging) houses a blush and highlighter. The highlighter is a pale Gold colour and gives slightly more of a glow than the one in the Bronze palette. The Blush is pale with a strong Gold shimmer running through it. But I really like the blush, gives me an awake, brightening glow to the cheeks. I really like both the palettes and they are welcomed additions to my collection.

Simply Argan Toner* | £32 (currently on offer for £11 here)

This toner promises to refresh the skin, tighten pores and give hydration. And this really is refreshing. I like to use after cleansing to ensure all makeup and dirt is removed from my skin. Although I haven't noticed this doing anything dramatic to my skin, it hasn't had any adverse effects. But it's a nice welcomed addition to my skincare routine.

So that rounds up my speedy reviews.

Have you tried any of these? What are thoughts?

Until next time...

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Best in Beauty | November

EEK its nearly December! I love Christmas and the winter so I'm super excited the festive season is nearly in full swing. I'm also really excited to start opening my beauty advent calendar. But anyway another month has past so it's time for another Best in Beauty. So let's get into it...

Too Faced Hangover Primer | £27  | POST

I've rediscovered the Too Faced Hangover Primer this month. With the cold weather starting to take its toll on my dehydrated skin I've been looking for ways to make my makeup look at least half decent. And this does a really good job! It's a hydrating primer packed with skin loving ingredients to help skin look more plump and radiant. It leaves my skin really soft, smooth and makeup glides on with ease.

LA Girl Pro Coverage HD Long Wear Illuminating Foundation | £9 | POST

Since I brought this foundation at the beginning of the month, I've been using only this. So as a foundation junkie I think that says a lot for how much I like it. It gives good medium coverage, in a super light blend-able formula. It is more on the glow-y side so I do like to set it and it has incredible staying power. For £8 this is amazing, it easily rivals some high end ones. I have the shade Nude Beige which is a perfect match me! See my full review with swatches here. 

RCMA No Colour Powder | £10.50 | POST

If you follow me on any form of social media this with come as no surprise. I love this powder!! I'm sure I'm not alone in hearing American beauty gurus raving about this stuff, so I think I screamed with delight when BeautyBay started stocking it. This is easily the best setting powder I've tried. Having dehydrated skin means I struggle to find powders that aren't too drying, cakey looking or that actually work. But this does everything I want. It sets makeup perfectly without being drying at all. It keeps my makeup looking flawless all day. And it also blurs my pores which is an added bonus. The only downside is the packaging  - It's in a bottle which makes it so messy. But that aside this is a brilliant powder!

Zoeva Caramel Melange Palette | £18 | POST

For eyeshadow I've been loving this new launch from Zoeva. This palette houses 10 beautiful warmed shadows that are all incredibly pigmented and butter soft. It has a range of finishes from matte, shimmery and foiled. The pigmentation of the foiled shadows are out of this world. So I've found myself reaching for this palette a lot. See my full review with swatches here.

Jeffree Star Velour Liquid Lipsticks | £16

I'm obsessed with Jeffree Stars makeup line, despite not being a fan of him. But I don't deny he has nailed the liquid lipstick formula, which actually makes me dislike him more haha. But the shade Celebrity Skin is gorgeous Pink toned Brown nude colour. I was a bit worried that this would be too Pink for my skin tone but it works really well. It's perfect for everyday wear. The formula of these is easily one of the best liquid lipsticks on the market. They're non drying, comfortable and so long wearing, whilst still being easy to apply! I can't recommend these enough.

John Frieda Unwind Curls Calming Cream | £5.99

I have one hair care product that I've been loving and it's this Unwind Curl Cream from John Freida. I was kindly sent a whole bunch of John Freida hair care goodies but this is the one standout product for me. I have super thick curly, dry hair so I'm alway looking for products to hydrate and smooth my hair. And this not only does that but it also makes my waves look so much nicer and more defined. It's not heavy and it doesn't leave my hair looking greasy. I put this on damp hair before blow drying and styling.

Caudaile Hand Cream | £12 (for a set of 3)

I recently got this in the LoveMe Beauty Bag (see this post for more details on that subscription) and I've been obsessed. This is such a great nourishing hand cream. It really moisturises and hydrates the skin without being heavy or greasy. It absorbs almost instantly. I've never been so impressed with a hand cream! I can't actually find this sold separately so I've linked a set of 3.

So that's everything I've been loving throughout November.

Have you tried any of these? What are your thoughts?

Until next time...

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A Few Drugstore Discoveries | The Tam Beauty Edition

Tam Beauty is the Umbrella company of Makeup Revolution, I Heart Makeup, Freedom and many more affordable brands. Available at Superdrug in store and online and from They are so cheap I find myself picking up so many products. I have a few that are not so great, so today I wanted to show you a few things I've been putting to the test recently...

Freedom Pro 12  Audacious Mattes Eyeshadow Palette | £4

I have another one of these called Secret Rose which I really like, the shadows are brilliant for the price so I thought I'd go for this all matte option. It has a range of 12 warm, neutral and cool toned mattes. It's great for everyday wear. This palette came in at £4! But unfortunatly I don't love this. The shadows aren't as pigmented as I would like. Some are very sheer and do take a lot of building. They blend out well, but I'm not sure if this is because they are so sheer. The darker shades also have a bit of fall out, but they last well on the lids and don't crease. Overall, this isn't the best Freedom palette I have tried and they have some far better ones.

Makeup Revolution Luxury Banana Powder | £5

Straight off the top of my head this looks very similar to Ben Nye Banana Powder. I haven't tried that one so I'm not sure how similar they are in terms of formula or how they perform. But I really like this! It's actually one of the most brightening Yellow powders I've tried, I tend to find most Yellow powders don't really do a lot. It sets my under eye concealer pretty well too. My only gripe is the packing, it's in a bottle so you have to tip the powder out, which is really messy. But as £5 powders go this is very good one!

Freedom Makeup Correct & Camouflage Concealer | £3 | POST

I'm on a constant mission to find the perfect concealer for my dark circles. So I picked this up in the shade Yellow. The consistency is not like a pot concealer I've tried before. It's kind of sticky but more moussey than most. The shade of the Yellow isn't like any I own either (and I own a few!) It's really bright almost neon! It's rather thick, but relatively easy to blend it, I apply with my finger and then blend it in with my Beauty Blender. It does a really good job at concealing my dark circles. It stays put all too. It also comes a huge range of colours and shades, which is great considering it's so cheap. If you're looking for an affordable concealer like this, I highly recommend this!

Makeup Revolution Iconic Matte Lipsticks | £3

I noticed they had a new matte line of lipsticks. I've tried their original lipsticks which I really liked so I thought this would be even better. I picked the shades Chauffeur and Exposed. Both are from the iconic Matte line. Exposed has a really nice Rose Gold packing and Chauffeur is matte Black bullet. The packaging does look nice but they don't feel expensive, it's just plastic. Chauffeur is a really nice Pink, Brown nude. This is actually a good dupe of MACs Velvet Teddy. And Exposed is a pale creamy nude colour. Exposed is far too nude for me, it gives me concealer like lips, so unfortunatly I won't be getting wear out of this shade. Both the formulas are well pigmented. Although they're not the creamy-ist matte lipstick I've tried but they still apply well and look good on the lips. They last a good few hours on me to. Overall, I'm really happy with Chauffeur and I will certainly be getting more shades from this line!

Makeup Revolution Precision Pro Oval Face Brush | £10

I've been really intrigued by these 'tooth brush' style brushes so when I saw this one for £10 it went straight in my basket. The brush itself looks really nice, I like the Gold handle. The bristles are really soft, yet firm and densely packed. I have a medium sized brush which is a good size for applying foundation. The brush itself does take a bit of practice to get used too and it does require good circular motion, to really make the foundation blend in. But I just don't love this brush. I don't think it works as well as the BeautyBlender or my Real Techniques Buffing Brush. I think this would be the case with this style from other brands too. If you like these kind of brushes this is a good cheap one, it's just not my preferred method.

So that's everything I discovered from the Drugstore (well Superdrug) in October. There were some hits and misses this month, but I guess that's always the case.

Have you tried any of these? What are your thoughts?

Until next time...

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