Janina - Natural, Easy at Home Teeth Whiting

From the 15th May to 15th of June it's national smile month so Janina have challenged me to use a couple of their products to achieve better oral health and whiter teeth! Now I don't think I have overly stained teeth, coffee, tea and wine are not regular drinks for me but I definitely feel they could be a bit Whiter. But most teeth whitening products scare the crap out of me! The thought of putting bleach and other chemicals in my mouth just doesn't sit well with me. So I was pleased to hear that all Janina products don't contain anything harsh or abusive that can damage the tooth enamel or leave the teeth a little sensitive. They use natural fruit enzymes that lift away stains in a gentle way! The products I've been testing are:

Flawless Beauty Picks For When You're In a Rush

I feel like I'm always running out of time in the morning and having enough time for makeup sometimes just doesn't happen. I found a few picks that are super easy and quick to apply but leave me with a flawless finish in no time time at all...

EcoTools Giveaway!!!

EcoTools are one of my favourite affordable brush brands. And I think they're so under-rated. I have a whole post dedicated to them here! They kindly sent me a few brush sets to giveaway for one lucky reader!

5 Skincare Picks for Instant Results

Skincare products are a wonderful thing but sometimes it can take ages, months even to see any results. Sometimes I want the results to be instant. When my skins looking rubbish I don't want to wait months to see results I want the problem solved there and then! Luckily I have a few products that instantly perk my skin up...

The Ultimate Brow Kit From YSL

YSL have just dropped the most exiting brow launch! They have just released a brow wardrobe. Which consists of 4 products. From a pencil to a marker (yes a marker!) to help achieve you desired brow look. I've been putting them to the test for you guys...